Old MacDonald…

Had nothing on me *laughs*  My Jarl has allowed me to do a bit of farming with the G&S system, so now I am offering up my harvested goods for others to use.  You can find the goods at the ::A Master’s Eye:: main store, in a cabinet off to the right side of the main building, near the center.  I will keep these filled as best I can, and I hope I have offered things at a fair price.  My Jarl would like me to increase the size of my farm, especially by adding more crops, so I may soon have more to offer.

Gacha Yardsale

As many others around the grid have noticed, gacha machines are addictive.  So in our search through different in world gacha machines, we have, like everyone else, ended up with some items we just didn’t need or have use of.  We don’t want to just delete these treasures, so we have put out a selection of them for sale in the main store, at 50% off their original gacha prices.  Please feel free to drop by and have a look at the table toward the rear left of the store and see if there is something you like.  There are items for men and women, Gor or not.  We will try to keep placing things out as we are able.  Tell your friends!


Please help in the journey to find a cure

My life in SL and RL has been and continue to be touched by the dreaded word cancer.  Please help me and others in the journey to find a cure.  ::A Master’s Eye:: and ~Armar en Kat~ will be offering items for sale this RFL season that will be going directly toward the Gorean team total, just like our rent at the city of Fina does, but in the meantime, I ask, if you have the means, please consider donating to the Gorean RFL team here.

Thank you, and hopefully together, during our lifetime, we can finally see a cure for cancer.

I fight for Mistress Dianne Curtis, my Aunt, my cousin, my maternal grandmother, and more.


As I announced in the previous post, ~Armar en Kat~ is now a subdivision of ::A Master’s Eye::  ::AME:: has now set up in a few markets, and my art offerings are with it.  If you check the Current Locations page you can find the links to the new market locations in the City of Fina, Sais, and Port Haifa.

Possible Comeback

~Armar en Kat~ may be making a bit of a comeback.  For now it is becoming a subdivision of my Master’s new store ::A Master’s Eye::  For now the only products that are available are my special framed artwork by Walter Girotto.  Some of you may remember me offering this in the past.  I received written permission from the artist to sell framed versions of his work in Second Life.  To protect the integrity of his work, each piece is specially scripted to only allow each piece to be resized to three set sizes, turn full bright on or off, reset the script, or if you are happy with your settings, delete the script entirely.

In the near future I hope to be working on a new version of my storage devices that everyone loved.  Before I can get to that, I may be releasing the old ones at reduced prices.  I will post here if and when that happens.

For now, please visit the in world store for ::A Master’s Eye:: and pick up some great artwork for your home *smiles*


It’s official, ~Armar en Kat~ is now closed.  The main store has been picked up and the land turned back over, and all of my listings on the SL Marketplace have been delisted as well.  Best wishes to everyone.

Last day for ~Armar en Kat~

Today is the last day ~Armar en Kat~ will be open.  It has been a pleasure serving you all for the past 5 years.  Should anyone wish to send well wishes, gripe about the store closing (respectfully that is), or perhaps plead for the store to remain at least on the SL Marketplace, please feel free to comment on this post or the Closing Sale post before it.

I wish you all well.

Katanya Shannara (Mistral)

Store Closing Sale

After 5 years of serving the greater Gorean and SL communities the doors to ~Armar en Kat~ are finally closing.  I have not made any new content for you, my customers, in far too long, for which I feel quite guilty.  I am no longer in SL as RL has become far too busy for me, and with close to no sales I can no longer continue to justify keeping the store open.  My market locations will run out in the next few days.

As a thank you for all of your support over the years I am having a closing sale.  All items in the main store are 50% or more off for the next week, before I pick the store up for the last time.  The SL Marketplace store will most likely be closing also as there is no reason for me to continue to pay for a game I am no longer playing.

I will reserve the right to open things back up again in the future should I ever return to SL.  Thank you again for all of your support.

Main Store -> http://slurl.com/secondlife/GMI%20Roazhon/40/95/27

Back at Swashbuckler’s Village

Well, Bella had some openings, so I once again have a spot at Swashbuckler’s Village.  And to celebrate everything in my vendors there is 50% off until Monday.

Come have a look around at her new location!

AeK @ Swashbuckler’s Village

Fortnight Freebie Merchant

The Gorean Freebie Market has a special promotion they run called the Fortnight Freebie Merchant.  I was lucky enough to secure that spot for the next two weeks.  Please stop by and grab some items for L$1 (set to 1 instead of 0 help me keep track of sales) and some other items on sale of 50% off or more.  Please note that the permissions have been changed on some items in order to protect myself from resellers, cheaters, etc.